Isn’t it funny how much of our society find it so easy to complain, to criticise, moan, and just be generally negative.

We are not just critical of others but also of ourselves.

It is ‘normal’ to whinge, judge, make passing digs at others clothes, body shapes or lifestyle choices, and therefore to feel insecure about ourselves, as we know we too are constantly being assessed and judged by others.

It is so ‘normal’ in fact, that most of us don’t even realise we are doing it.

How can this be helpful to anyone?

What a lot of energy it takes to constantly criticise and judge, surely it makes more sense to use that energy to feel good!

Do you ever wonder whether this ingrained habit of our society is nature or nurture?

You don’t see tiny tots sitting in the corner thinking they are not good enough to walk because they tried it once and it didn’t work so they must be a failure!

You don’t see kids in the nursery ostracising one another because they are wearing different clothes.

Often we learn as we grow up, from our parents, guardians, the media, those around us, that our way, is the right way.

That to a certain extent, is true –  each person chooses from the contrast of life how they choose to live / what is the right way for them, but that does not mean that the next person is wrong just because they choose to live life a different way.

It is too easy to choose this default negative setting in everyday life and thoughts, because that is around us, it is what society has always done, and old habits die hard.

… but with will and practice, any habit can be changed …

So why not join me today in my feast of positivity?!

  • Practice only thinking thoughts that feel good.
  • Find good things in the people around you.
  • Find good things about yourself!!
  • Feel the love for each and every person – especially yourself
  • – and keep practising!

It may not be easy at first, but the more you practice thinking good feeling thoughts, the better you will feel, and the more you will want to do it. Eventually, that will be your default setting…

… and wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where every person does whatever they need to do to feel happy and good?

People who feel good, confident and truly happy in themselves feel love for all others,
imagine what a peaceful world we could live in…

Sounds like a world full of sunshine to me. :0)


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