Well, I can safely say I am feeling buoyant today!

In stark contrast to yesterday. One of the things I am learning on this feast of positivity is that no matter how focused you are on the positive, some days are easier than others.

It turns out my challenge yesterday was indeed hormones; which I am ever so relieved about as I have been focusing so well and seeing so many changes in my life that I just want it to continue!

I know life brings contrast and our emotions guide the way, indicating whether we are on or off the right path, which is why I couldn’t understand the dullness I felt yesterday – nothing had changed and yet still I felt tearful.

It showed that I had not been strict with my daily yoga over the last month!

The yoga I practice works with the hormone system, so reduces periods of P.M.T and helps alleviate menstrual pains and helps to lighten the flow for most women too. Even ladies further on in life benefit as it can help relieve the symptoms of menopause too. Magic stuff!

Anyway, the moral of this blog is, when you feel down, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have failed or are on the wrong path.

Just do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel better…

Go for a walk, have a bubble bath, eat some good energy foods, watch some comedy… whatever works for you!

When you feel better (and not before) then look back to work out what was wrong, so you can put plans in place to prevent it happening next time, or know the signs so you can at least identify it next time and avoid getting back into that negative cycle of thought!


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