Do you ever feel like if you want something doing properly you have to do it yourself? What if you were to allow someone else to help you?

This is a question which has followed me around for the last few years of working alone. What if i did hand some things over to someone else? Would they do a good enough job? What if they messed up? Would they kill my business – my baby (In the metaphorical sense!) – my dreams?

At least I know that if I mess up, I only have myself to blame, and I can handle that!

But the difficulty with doing everything yourself is the overwhelm. I learnt, to my detriment, that the pressure of acting out all the roles of a small business single handed was a sure fire way to burning out.

But my even greater lesson was that the biggest contributing factor to my breakdown was none of the above.

The thing that really led to my burning out and breaking down was my mind!

I know – it was a shock to me too.

I was the mindset queen (or so I thought!) but it turned out that my expectations of myself far outweighed any pressure that could have been placed upon me by anyone else.

Whilst coaching people on self-love and kindness, I was missing that part myself. It’s true that we are all our own worst critics, but it seems changing that is the greatest challenge. It’s easy to say treat yourself kindly, but actually doing so is a whole other ball game.

I hear people everyday either saying they feel overwhelmed or indicating it without realising, and it has got me thinking.

What is overwhelm anyway?

Is it too many tasks to do within a limited time frame?

Is it having to do tasks which are not in line with your values?

I can say yes to both – in part – But I have realised that the greatest cause of overwhelm is our perspective of the situation.

Have you ever noticed that one day you can feel totally overwhelmed and the next you can feel like you can achieve anything?

Why is that?

Your list of tasks has not changed – in fact because of the day of paralysing overwhelm you are now a day behind!

The difference is only in your perspective. The situation remains the same but your mindset has changed.

Isn’t that great to know!!

You have the power to make yourself feel better WITHOUT changing your circumstances or current situation, and when you make yourself feel better THEN you are in the wonderful position to be able to change your situation.

So what can you do to step out of the overwhelm and breathe? Well, anything that makes you feel good. Take a walk in nature, take a day by the sea, just do anything that takes you out of the situation you find overwhelming for an hour or even a whole day – making yourself do that is lesson in itself that nothing will have changed when you get back – except you.

It’s like the quote says ‘Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

Just changing your perspective on the whole thing helps you to feel happier and when you feel happier,, energised and refreshed, you can take on  the world. 🙂




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