Out walking with my family last week, we chanced upon a whole host of beautiful hot air balloons, gliding across the warm evening sky.

They looked so wondrous, silhouetted against the brilliant blue.  So calm & majestic!

As one of them floated closer & closer, the words printed upon it became apparent, & as it landed in the field next to us, the words spoke to us, loud & clear – ‘SHE KNOWS’

My Uncle & I joked, wondering what it was that ‘SHE KNOWS’?!

But what I didn’t tell him, was that for the few days before this I had been deep in thought, questioning my existence, pondering on my purpose & wondering how to live in my full potential, all too aware I have been playing far too small for far too long, allowing fear & old worn out excuses to hold me back.

I know that nothing is coincidence, that this whole world is a rich synchronistic dance of balance & imbalance, of opposites & equals, & I know that messages come to us loud & clear if we simply open our senses & minds, & allow ourselves to notice.

Just as this may have also been a message for many others – on this day, at this time, at this point in my searching – this was a message for me.

‘SHE KNOWS’ was my cue to stop seeking answers in other people, to stop spending my time doing for others, pleasing others, worrying about others – & was my stark reminder to act upon what I realised years ago, but have been faltering on – to put my time & energy into being truly me – living my purpose in my full power, so I can serve others from that place of strength, not this place of weakness

‘SHE KNOWS’  was my reminder that I do in fact already know!

I already have the answers I seek, & to continue to look outwards only serves to prevent me from taking the action I know deep down I need to take

Continuing to seek, to help, to do, to please, are simply more forms of procrastination, more ways my clever mind has thought up to keep me safely in my comfort zone.

The time has come to step up & step out


*I forgot my camera that night so thanks & credit to whomever took this picture of said hot air balloon*


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