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Out walking with my family last week, we chanced upon a whole host of beautiful hot air balloons, gliding across the warm evening sky. They looked so wondrous, silhouetted against the brilliant blue.  So calm & majestic! As one of them floated closer & closer,...

Celebrity Stopped Drinking Revelation!

I saw a headline this morning: ‘Celebrity stopped drinking revelation!’ It got me wondering why this has to be such a revelation? Why one person’s personal choice to feel healthier comes as such a shock to society Would we have the same reaction if she had decided to...

Lovin’ in the Car Wash

The view of the car park blurred & disappeared as the droplets of water exploded against my windscreen. My mind was transported to a cliff top overlooking the ocean on a stormy day, the rain pounding the car as I enjoyed the cosy shelter of the front seat, flask...

What is this overwhelm people speak of?!

Overwhelm - The buzz word of the moment. Why? Because despite the change of the use of the word in recent years, it is a word that best describes what so many of us are feeling day to day! To feel overwhelmed with emotions, responsibilities, demands, 'to do' lists,...

Are your imagining your overwhelm?

I was going to entitle this blog 'Is overwhelm all in your head?' but I know that would have seemed like an even bolder statement than the one I plumped for. You see I know that the feeling of overwhelm is never just in your head - it is in your whole body. But this...

Why I Dumped the Drink

Alcohol, the bane of my life for the whole of my life! Well, I say for the whole of my life, I really mean since I was 12 or 13 and had my first experience of a killer ‘vomitty’ hangover after secretly drinking at a friend’s party in a barn in the middle of nowhere. I...

3 Warning signs you are burning out (& what to do about it!)

1) You feel tired all the time You just can’t shake this feeling of tiredness, even after the rare night when you do feel like you have had enough sleep. The heavy feeling of exhaustion weighs you down as you go about each day, yet still you plaster your smile on,...

Is there life outside the Laptop?

It seems to happen at this time each year, self loathing creeps in, feelings of failure, toxic thoughts of wasted life & not being good enough - all tricks of the human mind I coach people around regularly. I have realised this year, that for me November is the...

What’s with the Overwhelm?

What is overwhelm anyway?

Is it too many tasks to do within a limited time frame?

Is it having to do tasks which are not in line with your values?

I can say yes to both – in part – But I have realised that the greatest cause of overwhelm is our perspective of the situation.

The Power of Finding People Who Know How!

Are there things you are beavering away at right now, which are taking you away from what you are really good at or what you are really meant to be doing?

Are there things that are draining your time and energy, which could be better spent doing things that light you up and bring you back to life?

You see, this is how life goes if we let it.

It piles things upon us which are not meant for us, and sometimes it is not until we reach breaking point that we realise that something has to change.

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