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Is there life outside the Laptop?

It seems to happen at this time each year, self loathing creeps in, feelings of failure, toxic thoughts of wasted life & not being good enough - all tricks of the human mind I coach people around regularly. I have realised this year, that for me November is the...

What’s with the Overwhelm?

What is overwhelm anyway?

Is it too many tasks to do within a limited time frame?

Is it having to do tasks which are not in line with your values?

I can say yes to both – in part – But I have realised that the greatest cause of overwhelm is our perspective of the situation.

The Power of Finding People Who Know How!

Are there things you are beavering away at right now, which are taking you away from what you are really good at or what you are really meant to be doing?

Are there things that are draining your time and energy, which could be better spent doing things that light you up and bring you back to life?

You see, this is how life goes if we let it.

It piles things upon us which are not meant for us, and sometimes it is not until we reach breaking point that we realise that something has to change.

Why is it that getting back to nature now has to be prescribed?!

I just read that Doctors in Scotland are now prescribing activities in nature to help with mental health issues. This is a wonderful thing and I hope it creates the beginning of a big shift in the way we deal with mental health in the UK. However isn't it sad that...

Is your ‘to do’ list as long as the M1?

I know as well as anyone that when you have a to do list is as long as the M1 & your head feels like spaghetti junction, any notion of taking a break is as laughable as a satisfactory Brexit deal.

However taking a break is exactly the thing that will get you through that to do list more effectively & efficiently than if you were to just plod on with it hour after hour from pre-dawn til post-dusk.

Is work making you sick?

Picture this – It’s another workday morning.

Another day ahead of feeling inadequate (even though you are bloody good at your job!)

Another day of ploughing through the thousands of emails and never making a dent.

Another meeting with yet another new manager, coming in to change things.

Your heart feels like it’s going to beat out of your chest and the knot in your stomach is so big you can feel it in your throat.

You sit in the cold car park in your lovely warm car, the battle ensuing on your head with the larger part urging you to just turn round and go home again.

Of course that is not an option, so your reluctant hand opens the door and forces your feet one in front of the other to go and face the day, your foggy head held high.

It feels like some bazaar trance just to make your body work and to plaster on the smile that shows the world and your colleagues that YOU ARE FINE!

What other option do you have?

What do you need to thrive?

As I sat in the garden of some family friends a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't help but notice a tiny water feature, just a simple rock with water flowing from within. The water flowed out and down the sides of the rock causing a beautiful green algae to grow, &...

Is Stress keeping you sick?

Do you ever feel like you just never get well? That no sooner have you got over one cold, virus or bug the next is just lurking round the corner waiting to jump into your body and take hold. It’s as if they know you are easy prey! You’re forever at the Doctor’s, but...

Is Stress keeping you Skint?

I sit writing this with a confession to make... I am a shopaholic. I just love spending money. I always have done. I remember right back to being a kid, poring over the argos catalogue and finding a ring I really wanted. I used to look at it longingly all the time. It...

Is Stress keeping you from losing weight?

So, you have been on every diet out there, you have been going to weight watchers and slimming world on and off for years. You know all there is to know about diet and exercise, you count your points, you eat rabbit food, you sacrifice everything you love, and you...


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